BTL marketing is an unconventional marketing technique that addresses people in a very personal and direct way.

Some of these strategies can be promotions, campaigns with a short duration, alternative media, street marketing, public relations, merchandising, direct marketing and ambient marketing, among others.

In these strategies highly creative elements are used in addition to provoking feelings, sensations and experiences.

This type of advertising has an immediate effect and surprise factor plays an important role in BTL marketing. The street marketing, for example, is able to involve the consumer in any type of activity full of originality that does not wait in a certain space.

This is where a drone can help you make a great campaign. How many people have ever taken a picture with a drone? You can give the consumer this unique experience.


Drones not only allow us to take photos, but they also allow us to make videos where we start with a close-up of the face and finish with a great landscape or general shot. That content can be sent instantly to the consumer’s cell phone with a post-edition that includes the brand that promotes the experience. In this way, not only will you have an experienceyou remember, but you will be shown to others and talk about the brand on social networks.

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