Summer gives rise to endless outdoor activities, events, recitals, farewells of year, marketing campaigns, among others, where joy reigns and everyone wants to have fun. For those who plan these activities, it is a challenge to achieve the goal of making it fun and memorable for all who attend. For this, it is usual to hire all kinds of services, entertainers, shows, DJs or photo booths but it is increasingly difficult to surprise the public.

But… what about a Drone at your event?
Drones are a technology in full swing, although they have been among us for a long time, people recognize them, name them but they could not do much more, until now. Dronfies allows everyone who attends your event to interact with the drone in different ways. People can download an app to connect to the drone and take photographs or videos safely (the pilot is always in control of what is happening in the end).

If you are the organizer of the event, another option can be a fun Dronfie Stage, a previously defined place, so that the magic happens while people pose to take a photograph or record a short video, always controlled by a pilot.

In both cases, the videos instantly reach people’s cell phones. If in your activity you are promoting a brand, the generated content can be personalized with the logos or music.

In addition, the application allows you to share the content on social networks, so everything that happens is amplified. You can also include other details, such as the date and place of the event.
Will there be fun for everyone? Of course! The interaction with each person takes between 30 seconds and 2 minutes depending on the needs of the event. The system automatically downloads content from the drone, post-editing and sending via whatsapp or sms directly to the end user.
Do I need good Internet coverage? It is not necessary! While everything will work better with a good connection, Dronfies implements a retry system that allows you to send content in any condition, even without internet. In addition, the contents are compressed so that everyone can receive them.
What do people take?
Normally a photo and a video story. Here we show you how a photo looks

and you can see by clicking here how the videos look.

Ready to take the fun to your event?
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Do you want to take the fun with your drone?
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