The fastest and easiest way to create and share stories with your DJI Drone!

Learn about the revolution in aerial photography

Dronfies allows DJI Users to instantly send the content they generate. You can have fun with your friends or use your drone in marketing, tourism and events to generate income. Those people who do not have drones receive pictures from the sky on their smartphones.

Put your own logo or make if for a client’s

Customize your content using frames and automatic filters directly from the app, without the need for post editing.

Customize your content

Get an incredible video with just one click. Dronfies automates the flight and effects.

Optimize times

We have a content compression system that make delivering to other people amazingly fast.

Generate income

Use Dronfies to offer a new service for your clients in Events, Tourism and Marketing.

Download the App and start using Dronfies to improve the performance of the work you do with your drone.


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