Dronfies Will it be available in my country?

It can be used anywhere in the world

What drone models can I use Dronfies?

Dronfies It works with DJI drones, initially in the models:

  • Phantom 3 Advanced
  • Phantom 3 Professional
  • Phantom 4
  • Phantom 4 Advanced
  • Mavic Pro
  • Mavic Air

However, we will include other models in the future.

¿Dronfies es para uso profesional o recreativo?

Hemos desarrollado Dronfies enfocados en el problema de crear y enviar contenidos listos para las redes sociales en poco tiempo y de la forma más fácil posible. Esto hace que Dronfies sea útil en ambos casos, tanto para brindar un servicio de fotografía personal con drones de manera eficiente como poder generar videos para tus redes sociales. Ambos tipos de usuarios están contemplados.

How much I can charge for providing audiovisual services using Dronfies?

You decide the Final price to your customers! Depending on who your client is and your context you can determine the price you think is most appropriate. For example, in our team we have found that you can win between 200 and 1000 dollars a day using Dronfies In a tourist spot, an event or providing your service in an activation of march…

What advantages do I have when using Dronfies?

With our app You can earn more money in less time because it has features that make your service more effective. With Dronfies The cumbersome tasks of the service are done automatically in seconds, allowing you to focus on your environment and keep getting customers! In just 40 seconds you take off your drone, film your client and the material is edited, compressed and sent directly to your cell phone.

Used Use DJI GO to fly my drone, I can use it next to Dronfies?

No. Dronfies Pilot It occupies the same connection slot as DJI GO in Androd. Our APP has the same flight features as DJI GO, so you have everything you need to fly your safe drone. The interface is very simple and has many similarities. In turn, we consider the feedback That we receive from the Dronfies Pilot To include the enhancements or add-ons you need.

How do I make money with my drone?

Dronfies It provides you with a software that allows you to give a different service to the traditional ones, with which you will be able to highlight and differentiate yourself from your competitors in “BTL” advertising actions, events and tourist places sending in all cases the videos instantly. Check out our tutorials to learn how to provide those services.

Will it work on my cell phone?

The application is compatible with any device with Android operating system from 6 onwards. In General it works on all the high end Android devices, and almost all of the mid-range, while it does not work in the low-end. As A reference it takes the Samsung J7 2017, or the J4 2018. Your cell phone must have the same or superior features (you can match it in sites like www.gsmarena.com)

I can't connect to the drone. What's going on?

For the drone Work with Dronfies Pilot, when you turn on the Android control you must select “Dronfies Pilot”..

When I turn on the control I open DJI GO and not Dronfies Pilot

Some devices, including Samsung, automatically configure DJI GO as the default application the first time it runs. To be able To use Dronfies Pilot You will need to open your phone settings and remove these settings:

  • Go to Settings Applications DJI GO 4 or DJI GO
  • Set the default to CLEAR preset VALUES.
  • Can I use more than one application to use my drone?

    You can But not at the same time. To change the application you must close the one you are using and reconnect the remote control.

    When you try to install Dronfies Pilot tells me that there is a packet conflict with a previous installation

    Dronfies Pilot Cannot be installed at the same time as the application DroneVR Of Applogics. Test uninstall DroneVR and then install Dronfies Pilot. We regret the inconvenience.

    Using the application Dronfies is it safe?

    Dronfies Does not alter the performance of the drone You use. In no case will you be affected By the behavior of the drone, your sensors or automatic fault responses. Dronfies It contributes to improve security by allowing to automate some maneuvers, which you can plan and define with attention and then simply reproduce them. In any Case You should keep an eye on the behavior of your drone To interrupt automatic missions if necessary.

    Automatic missions do not work for me

    To Fly automatic quests, your drone He must be in the right mode. Here we indicate:

    • Phantom 3 Advanced and Pro : F Mode
    • Phantom 4, Phantom 4 Advanced and Phantom 4 Pro: P Mode
    • MAVIC: GPS Mode

    Is Flying automatic missions safe?

    Perfectly safe, as long as you’ve defined the routes at least 6 meters from any obstacle. In general the error on the route is very less than 6 meters, but you will have to use this reference to foresee all the cases. Another thing to check is that the KP Index is less than 6, so you have certainty about the GPS measurements.

    Can I take control of my drone while you are running an automatic mission?

    Yes, you can pick it up at any time. For them you can use the Stop button on the MAVIC or go to SPORT mode. In Phantom 3, change The lever from the “F” position to “P”. In Phantom 4 , Move the Mode Lever “F” to “S” (Sport). You can also do this on the red button on the screen.

    Is flying around people safe?

    Yes, as long as you use the drones properly, prepare the photo area in advance and keep control of public access to the area.
    You can check our operation guide here

    What happens if the mobile internet connection is too bad or is it saturated?

    Dronfies It uses a data-transmission protocol adapted to different connection scenarios. The videos are compressed to a few MBs And in case of failures, notice is given in the application, having the option to perform manual retries.

    What happens if my client does not have a mobile internet?

    In such cases, you can send the link To its content via SMS. In any case, its contents will remain on our servers and when they recover connection they will be able to visualize them.

    Can I use Dronfies tt night?

    Yes and people love it! For that you will have to use adequate artificial lighting, of at least 1800W of power. Here’s an example:

    Another possibility is to use LED spotlights (recommended). With 3 spotlights of 300 LEDs or 2 of 600 you will get excellent results.

    Can I change the Logo?

    Yes, go to the Setup menu to put the logo that you want.

    Can I change the background sound of the videos?

    Yes. You must replace the audio file that is inside the folder Dronfies Pilot on your Android cellphone. In the near future we will include in the system the option. If you want to help with this, Write a info@dronfies.com

    Why does the Dronfies change the resolution of the video to 720p and the format to MP4?

    Dronfies Generate videos optimized to be sent through your Internet connection and The Get to the users quickly. You Can Change this Configuration But it is the best to fulfill our promise to send the contents instantly.

    Why Dronfies allows you to record up to 30 seconds in the stories?

    Dronfies it seeks to tell a story in a short time, adapting to the content generated by people for their social networks. At the same time it is impossible to process longer videos on your cell due to the capabilities of the hardware. To record longer videos use the HD Mode. The videos that you generate will not be able to edit Them in the gallery of Dronfies.