The app that allows anyone to interact with drones

How does it work? First, choose a Dronfie Stage to begin; this is the spot for the drone that makes the photo look amazing. That's the Dronfie Stage. You can find them anywhere with your smartphone or generate your own.

Open the app

In your smartphone

Ask the drone to come to you

In a few seconds It will be with you

Take a Dronfie

Choose your favorite pose and take the photo. Smile!


Share the moment with your friends in social media

Do you see a Dron? Call it!

With our app you can call it, you do not have to be its owner to use it

Discover new points of view

Turn your location into the perfect spot for a Dronfie

Capture life’s most important events from the air

Use Dronfies to portray and share unique moments

Receive content instantly

Share your Dronfies easily in social networks


Launch your creativity by having fun with Dronfies!