Elevate your event with Dronfies

Hire Dronfies for your event and give your guests a unique experience Hire Dronfies

Dronfies in your event

Pilots who use Dronfies can offer you the following services:

  • Branded content with a logo and music of your choosing
  • App for your audience to download and request their Dronfies
  • Live feed of the generated content for projection on a giant screen
  • Live feed with access for your Social Media Moderator
  • Live broadcast for projection on a giant screen
  • Drone plotting
  • Printing of photos for your guests
  • Aerial footage of the event
  • Post-edited material of the event

Guests can download an app to request their Dronfies!

Enter the app

On your smartphone

Find a Dronfie Stage

And go to it!

Take a Dronfie

Strike a pose and take the picture. Smile!


Share the moment with your friends in Social Media


Your guests connect to the drone from their own smartphone and take all the photographs and videos they want.


The generated content can be customized with graphics and sounds related to your event or brand.


Contents are received instantaneously by guests and community managers and can be displayed on a giant screen.

Go viral

The contents shared by users on social networks reach thousands of people per event.


Elevate the creativity of your brand with Dronfies!